Professional Ballet Pianist

Professional Ballet Pianist

Experienced ballet pianist with extensive classical and modern ballet repertoire for all professional

levels from classes and rehearsals to stage performances.

Among others my repertoire includes:

 Tchaikovsky “Sleeping beauty”

 Tchaikovsky “Swan lake”

 Stravinsky “Apollo”

 Tchaikovsky  “Theme and variations”

 Tchaikovsky “Onegin”

 Tchaikovsky “Serenade”

 William Forsythe “Artifact”

 Gershvin “Who cares?”

 Prokofiev “Romeo and Juliette”

Key milestones on my working experience:

 Pianist at Brussels International Ballet School (Brussels, Belgium): 2014-now

 Main pianist at Flemish Royal Ballet (Antwerp, Belgium): 2007-2014

 Pianist at a number of dancing schools and dancing companies (Rosas, P.A.R.T.S. et Yantra in

Brussels; Royal Ballet school in  Antwerpen): 2001-2007

 Piano accompanist at a High school of music (Kiev, Ukraine): 1994-2001

I’m also a regularly invited ballet pianist for:

 «Studio Bejart» in Brussels, Royal Ballet School in Antwerpen , Kazakhstan National Ballet


 "Hivernales de danse" (classes for ballet Staires), Belgium

 International Summer Program organize by Brussels International Ballet School