Member of party DéFI
Candidate for the for the Brussels region 2024

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I am Ukrainian and Belgian citizen.

II will always fight for the freedom and democracy of these countries.

// Political

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, I have done:

From February 25, 2022, created the first refugee reception group in Belgium
During the first two months, I found host families for 200 families from Ukraine
During the first three months I sent 6 big cars with humanitarian aid directly to Ukraine
In the first months of the war, my academy was converted to receive refugees; people could arrive at night and stay until the morning, then I helped them with paperwork and find a host family
Gave a scholarship to attend master classes during the international music academy in Belgium for 15 Ukrainians
Purchased and transferred a large number of professional shoes to the first line of the front line
I organize a large number of charity concerts to raise funds for the first volunteer military hospital in Ukraine
Worked as a volunteer as a translator at a military hospital in Brussels – translated for Ukrainian soldiers who came for treatment, and also helped them psychologically.
// Political

I am, Nataliya Chepurenko, strongly condemns Russia’s unprovoked and unjustified war against Ukraine.

I express my negative attitude towards the policies of the Russian Federation and thereby support Ukraine in the struggle for freedom and independence of the nation.

Ukraine acts as a shield for Europe. Therefore, we, Europeans, must help Ukraine as much as possible in the fight against our common enemy.