Member of party DéFI
Candidate for Brussels region 2024

Member of party DéFI

Dear Citizens of Belgium and Fellow Europeans, It is a great honour for me to present myself as a candidate for the Brussels Region 2024, representing DéFI.


I believe that we still can change our world, that’s why I decided to go as far as possible!



// Political


My vision for Europe is one of unity, progress, and fairness for all its inhabitants. If entrusted with a seat in the Brussels Parliament, I am committed to undertaking the following key activities:

Advocating for Belgian Sovereignty:

I will tirelessly champion policies that prioritize and protect Belgium’s interests within the European Union, ensuring that our nation’s unique identity and prosperity are upheld on the European stage.

Addressing Global Challenges:

In addition to confronting pressing global issues such as climate change and economic inequality, I will be a staunch advocate for women’s rights. It is imperative that we strive for gender equality, combat discrimination, empower women across Europe and lend our support to women around the world fighting for equality. I will work towards an EU that has security in every field, from the economic to renewable energy to health.

Empowering Educators and Cultural Institutions:

Recognizing the vital role of education in shaping our society, I will push for increased salaries and resources for teachers and staff in educational institutions. By investing in our educators, we invest in the future of our children and our nation and in the future of Europe. I will also fight for more funding and resources for cultural institutions, from music schools to museums, as a way to foster the EU’s uniquely rich and diverse cultures.

Ensuring Economic Stability and Prosperity:

I will actively support annual salary indexation to safeguard workers’ wages and promote economic stability and fairness for all citizens. I will support coordinated EU policies that give European employees in all sectors, entrepreneurs, and households the best chances in a competitive, dynamic, fair, and inclusive economy.

Fostering Collaborative Governance:

Collaboration is key to effective governance at all levels, from the smallest municipality to the European Parliament. I will work closely with colleagues from diverse political backgrounds to find common ground and enact policies that benefit all Europeans.

Engaging with Empathy:

I am committed to listening to the concerns of our constituents and representing their interests with compassion, transparency, and integrity in the Brussels Parliament. I will ensure that European rule-making takes into account citizens’ interests and feedback in a transparent and open way.

Promoting Unity:

Above all, I believe in fostering unity and solidarity among European nations. Together, we can build a Europe that is stronger, more inclusive, and more resilient.

// Political


Born in Ukraine, I have lived in Belgium for more than 25 years

I am a citizen of Belgium.

I will always fight for PEACE in EUROPE.

For justice, freedom, independence and democracy.

// Political


The importance of music education for all children and the need to reorganize music education /at the academies as well as at the schools/
Increased salaries and resources for teachers and staff in educational institutions
More funding and resources for cultural institutions, from music schools to museums
// Political


Gender equality, combating discrimination, empowering women across Europe and supporting women around the world fighting for equality
Reduction of working hours for a full-time woman
The need to create a larger number of kindergartens to provide a woman with the opportunity to continue her professional career immediately after the birth of the child
Increasing the number of days to care for a sick child
Ensuring security in all areas, from the economy to renewable energy and healthcare
// Political


The need to provide financial penalties for those who surrender their animals to shelters or mistreat them
Creation of a large number of areas for walking dogs off-leash
// Political


Run a street cleanliness awareness campaign for young people in secondary schools and youth centers, as well as in various reception centers
Re-organize the management of the city's cleanliness by redefining the roles of each side and giving each commune clear responsibilities and resources
Regulate the noise pollution from Brussels Airport by banning excessively noisy aircraft
Ban smoking in certain public places such as bus, tramway and train stops, in front of schools and in certain green spaces
// Political


Improve building insulation to reduce energy consumption per household
Develop a tree-planting project for a greener, more pleasant city with improved air quality
Support local agriculture and small traders by promoting the various markets and small traders
// Political


Born in Ukraine, I have lived in Belgium for more than 25 years.

I will always fight for these two countries.

I am, Nataliya Chepurenko, strongly condemns Russia’s unprovoked and unjustified war against Ukraine.

I express my negative attitude towards the policies of the Russian Federation and thereby support Ukraine in the struggle for freedom and independence of the nation.

Ukraine acts as a shield for Europe. Therefore, we, Europeans, must help Ukraine as much as possible in the fight against our common enemy.

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